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Seduce Luxury Deep Pile Shaggy Rug in Red

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    Seduce Shaggy

    • 80cm x 150cm (2ft 8in x 4ft 11in)
    • 120cm x 170cm (3ft 11in x 5ft 7in)
    • 160cm x 230cm (5ft 3in x 7ft 7in)

    Ooooh… is probably the the first thing you say when you feel the ultra soft and luxuriously deep 8cm long shaggy pile. Seduce Sumptuous in reds is a hand tufted rug made with advanced polyester yarn that isn’t just long and soft. It’s also stain resistant and won’t shed like woollen fabrics, giving you added peace of mind when the rug is being used in heavier traffic areas. When you lay the rug into your floor you’ll see it introduces so much more than colour to your room. Take a closer look at the natural lustre of the long pile that lies casually across the surface catching the light to give a toned suede like appearance, or the long yarn strands falling effortlessly to the floor that give the distinctive appearance of decadence. But the real appeal of this rug has to be the low price.

    Please Note: Hand made rugs with very long piles will often have long tufts that sprout when vacuumed, this is not a fault it is a characteristic associated with the making longer pile rugs. If you see a longer tuft in your new rug, don’t pull it, simply take a pair of scissors and cut it to same length as the surrounding tufts.

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