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Earthy Toned Beige Rugs

Beige once had a bad press, considered a boring colour, but that has all changed. There are probably more shades of beige than any other colour, from the warm hug of a cappuccino to the deep tones of a greenish khaki. Beige can stand as a background colour in a busy room or can be used to tone down a bright carpet or floor – sometimes less really is more. Beige goes well with almost any colour, but has a particular affinity for blue (especially the peacocks and teals) and green. With so many of the darker beiges having a greenish tinge, greens can segue nicely from a beige background, giving a very coordinated look. It is also a good way of ‘growing up’ a boy’s room, as beige is considered very on trend, especially from the camouflage end of the spectrum.

Calming tones for a chill out room

Surrounding yourself with beige is a really excellent way to chill out at the end of a busy day. Sticking to the coffee colours with accents of darker brown such as chocolate and caramel will not only calm the eye but will also appeal to the ‘eat with your eyes’ part of the brain and chocolate (the food) has calming chemical properties which are linked with most people to the appearance so without eating a single calorie, you can get all the benefits. Whether as a background or main décor choice, beige is so much more than you thought!


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