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Blue Rugs

Blues are possibly the best shades for mixing as it is generally true that no blue will clash with any other. Taking that further, blue will mix happily with most other colours as well, having a particular affinity for green; a glance over the average herbaceous border will bear that out! Blues do come in many shades, from a clear sky-blue to a moody teal, but they all look fabulous in any room. Blue is a classic shade for boys’ rooms but it is interesting to know that in Russia, the classic blue and pink are the other way round, so using blue in a girl’s room would be fine. Blues are sometimes thought to be ‘cold’ but using navy or Mediterranean blue in conjunction with terracotta can give a very warm feel even to a north facing room.

Learn from nature

Blue is one of the most predominant colours in nature, from the iridescence of a kingfisher to the clear blue of a forget-me-not. Using any of these shades, from the palest blue of a spring sky to the deep almost purple of a hollyhock will ensure that you don’t forget the great outdoors and a blue rug in a conservatory is a sure winner, reflecting as it does the sky outside. Blue patterns on a neutral ground have become very on trend in recent years and on a flatweave rug makes a practical statement in a kitchen.




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