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Cream Rugs

Nothing says ‘luxury’ quite like a cream rug. Although they come in a variety of styles and textures, the traditional shaggy or deep pile cream rug is a staple of many bedrooms and there is little nicer than sinking your toes into a lovely warm rug in a thick, clotted cream colour in the morning. Cream can be almost yellow or as pale as a warm white, but no matter what its shade, it is welcome anywhere. Because it is so neutral, you don’t have to worry where you place it, but on a dark carpet or wooden floor it will make a real statement. Used in low traffic areas, cream rugs will keep their good looks for years as long as you are careful to clean regularly and give it a shake when you can.

Cream rugs cry out for texture

Although all rugs look great when presented in a textured finish, cream seems to go with shaggy textures or long piles particularly well. The classic long strands of the natural wool rugs which are such a design classic look marvellous wherever they are placed, but in a study with dark furniture or a family room where everyone goes to relax, it is particularly at home. Cream rugs may not be a natural choice for the hall and stairs as being a little prone to picking up dirt but when you get upstairs, using cream rugs on the landing and in bedrooms signals that here is where you start to relax and enjoy some proper pampering.




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