Golds and Yellow

Golds and Yellow

Gold and Yellow Rugs

The palette that includes gold and sand also includes yellow and, at its furthest stretch, orange. All of these colours go together happily and although yellow can be a little stimulating, it goes with everything else and is one of the rare colours that blends happily with red, almost across the spectrum. Gold can be literally that, by using materials that throw back the light, a rug can look just like Jason’s Golden Fleece – a great fun accessory for any fan of Greek mythology. Sands can be very pale indeed, almost verging on cream and if you are fresh from an exotic holiday, you can recreate at least some of that great relaxed feeling by having a pale sand rug and some sky-blue cushions as an accent.

Textures bring out the best

Using textures, either as cut pile or shaggy finishes, bring out the best in golds and sands. They also work very well as the basis of traditional designs, being very popular with their designers through the generations. Traditional rug designs tell a story or have special significance and the colours of the earth and sky are very important therefore. Gold can signify wealth or the sunshine, sand quite literally the desert in which many of the designs came to life. Using deep yellow gold or pale cream sand in a study or workroom is a good way of keeping productivity up without making the environment too jarring.

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