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Gracefully Timeless Green Rugs

Green is considered by some to be an unlucky colour, but when it comes to interior design it is everyone’s friend. Green, like blue, goes with almost anything and from the yellowy greens of spring leaves to deepest olive, it will make any room more restful and friendly. Greens come in an almost bewildering range of shades and using a cloudy sage in large swathes on the floor gives any room a very stylish feel. A sharp bright green accent in a small rug teamed with cushions in the same palette will brighten up a room immediately and if you want to give a lift to a room which is looking a little tired, using a leaf green teamed with a leaf-patterned fabric will make it zing.

Perfect for the conservatory

Conservatories these days are not just somewhere to sit on cooler days but are often used all year round as permanent rooms in the house, whether it is as a study, a dining room or a quiet retreat. They often come with terracotta floors and green rugs look wonderful teamed with this shade and reflect the garden just the other side of the glass. Green rugs look perfect when surrounded by plants too and because all shades from acid green to almost black blend with each other, you don’t have to worry about clashes. Green carpet runners in the hall also are a good choice – for some reason that is not fully understood, green is a very welcoming colour.


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