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Grey and Silver Rugs

Grey is often considered a ‘cold’ colour, mainly because the word reminds most people of nasty weather. If you call grey ‘silver’ though, all that changes. This conjures up a picture of the precious metal of course, but also of crisp winter mornings with spiders’ webs powdered with frost, sparkling air and bright blue skies. So, in that respect yes, grey is a ‘cold’ colour, but not in a bad way! If you have a room which is otherwise bright with warm flames, oranges and chocolates, a splash of silvery grey will bring it down a touch and add a great backdrop to all that drama.

Greys across the shade range

Making a list of grey things brings up a whole spectrum of shades. Elephants, for example, whilst predominantly grey are very much at the brown end of the colour. Theirs is a warm and complex shade and after all, who doesn’t love elephants! Battleship grey sounds rather forbidding but the shade does go very well with all blues and most greens, perhaps because it was actually created in the first place to go with the sea and the sky. And at the lighter end, silver grey, blending to almost white, will bring a fresh, crisp sparkle to any room. Patterned rugs using grey as the design element are very subtle and lend themselves well to sgraffito-type designs.

Grey and Silver

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Grey and Silver
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