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Contemporary rugs take many forms, from plain carved textures to leading-edge abstract designs. Modern rugs can be an funky floral or a simple stripe, colours can be outrageously bright and contrasting or pastel and muted. There is no end to the argos of style and colouration that can used to create a truly inspired design.

Carving is a big feature with handmade wool and acrylics, different pile heights in combination with sophisticated hand carving can be used to accentuate even the most mundane patterns. With cutting-edge synthetic fibres extremely bright colours can be achieved to ensure a multicoloured pattern is as vigorous as it is eye catching.

Why not let a contemporary design take pride of place in your home? You can find budget priced machine made modern rugs produced in hard wearing, stain resistant polypropylene fibres, medium priced hand made that use state of art synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, acrylic and polyester. Or if you want something a little more expensive you can find a superb range of designer options in wool.

Taking design concepts to the edge is what a tweny first century rug is about, and at Rug Zone we try to offer a range of modernistic designs that offer exceptional value for money. Our latest ranges are available in size offerings from 90cm x 150cm to Extra Large 200cm x 290cm, you will even find a few in XX Large 240 x 330cm sizes. Please browse our categories to find the ideal modern rugs for your home.

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