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Multi coloured rugs

Much of today’s decor is mundane shades of grey or beige so it’s not surprising that we often want to add a sprinkling of pazazz to a room. A red vase here, a blue table lamp there and bright green cushion on the sofa will certainly give some accent colouring to a room, but nothing makes a statement lake a large multi colour rug on the floor. Contrasting shades of orange, teal, purple, cream and yellow can sound awful, but put them in the right design and in the right setting will give a bland room a rainbow of colour.

Multi colour rugs can be bought in either vibrant modern and quirky traditional design. There’s a huge choice of motifs, stripes, waves, chevrons, speckles and spots all designed to fit your lifestyle. Be brave and invest in a some colour for your home.


  • Brights Intermix Sparks in Dazzling Multi Colours

    £39.99 £29.99

  • Brights Textured Overlay in Vibrant Multi Colours

    £39.99 £29.99

  • sensational Multi Coloured Checkers Rug

    £39.99 £29.99

  • Inspired Flabellum Twist in Multicolour Hues

    £39.99 £29.99

  • 120 x 170cm Petite Palette Rug in Teal Blue, Fuchsia and Beige

    £99.99 £65.99

  • Rainbow Coloured Summertime Soft Touch Shaggy

    £79.99 £49.99

  • Classical Psychedelic in Brown and Multicolour

    £49.99 £39.79

  • Ornate Motifs in Brown and Multicolours

    £49.99 £39.79

  • Vibrant Multicolour Chevron Design

    £49.99 £39.79

  • Limbo Quatrefoil Multi Colour Twist texture hand carved

    £49.99 £39.97

  • Rhumba Abstract Multi Colour Twist texture hand carved

    £49.99 £39.99

  • Contemporary Hexagon in Grey and Multicolour

    £39.99 £29.99

  • Blockbuster in Ultra Bright Multi Colours

    £129.99 £99.99

  • Influx in Simple Stripes of Multi Colours

    £89.99 £74.99

  • Contemporary Chevron in Grey and Multicolour

    £39.99 £29.99

  • Hossein Abad Persian Runners Rug Red, Navy and Terracotta 84cm x 296cm

    £580.00 £348.00

  • Pace designed by Adam Daily

    £299.99 £249.00

  • Harlequin designed by Fiona Howard

    £299.99 £249.00



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