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Flat weave rugs have adorned the floors of Europe for many centuries as Kilim rugs from Persia and Turkey and in the 18th century during the French renaissance period as Aubusson rugs. The tapestry like weaving technique is woven like heavy blankets in boundless variation of beautiful designs.

While the Kilim rug is still extremely popular today new technologies in the form of Wilton flat weave rugs have proven to be this century's outright winner in European homes. The advantage of the Wilton flat weave over Kilims is the rigidity of the product, meaning they still offer a very thin profile but will lie flat like a rug rather than rippled like blanket.

The Wilton production method usually relies on advanced generation polypropylene yarn that gives the rug extreme durability and stain resistance. While the colour options are usually limited to two or three colours, the intricacy of the stitch patterns combined with the use of different yarn textures can really give simple designs an alternate dimension. Because the weave technique can easily replicate basket weave, dog tooth and herringbone patterns these flat woven rugs are often referred to as natural look. But with a little inventive imagination from the designers the overall patterned surface of the rugs can range from fairly mundane to extreme exhilaration.

Practical and hardwearing is two words that would normally be used to describe the flatweave rug, you just can’t wear them out and they scrub up time after time. The thin profile of the rug definitely won’t give the comfort of a conventional pile rug but the once you look closer at the varied stitch patterns used to make up the overall design you can’t help but be impressed.

Natural & Flatweave

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Natural & Flatweave
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