Purples and Pink rugs

Purples and Pink rugs

Purple and Pink Rugs

Purples and pinks go together so well that they are almost always found together, although as a rug they can also stand alone. Add some hot orange and you are immediately back in the sixties and seventies, when the crazy patterns of Sergeant Pepper ruled. Purple goes across the board from dark plum right through to the garish, chemical magenta. Also in the palette are the paler shades cut with white such as mauve, lilac and lavender. When it comes to pink, there is also a wide choice, from pastel rose blush right through to bright fuchsia. At either end of the spectrum and indeed right through, both colours blend and contrast with each other perfectly, with no clash.

Femininity personified

If you ask anyone what will give a room girl appeal the answer will be ‘pink’! It doesn’t have to be the sugar pink of Hello Kitty, though; the dusky pinks look great in any setting and mixed with some shell elements and perhaps a touch of lavender, it looks very sophisticated. Because it is hard to clash pinks it also gives a lot of leeway when it comes to following up with more furniture and accessories. If you have pink rugs and other elements in a room, you don’t need to carry a shade card with you when you go shopping for more, because any other shades of pink or purple will fit right in. This makes it a perfect choice if your taste tends to the eclectic because old or new, it won’t matter a bit.

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