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Red and Burgundy Rugs

If you want to make a room really zingy, choose a red rug! Not only do they make a great focal point in a neutral room, they also immediately draw the eyes, so if you have a feature you want to make more of, such as a fireplace or a picture window, placing a red rug in front of it will bring it into even more prominence. The range of reds on offer makes it easy to find one to suit, but it is important to make sure they are all of the same ‘family’. Reds in particular can be hard to match, so keeping to cherries, roses, crimsons in one room and not trying to mix them together is probably a good plan.

Not just a primary Red (with blue and yellow) is a primary colour on the colour wheel, but of course when it comes to décor it isn’t as simple as that. A pure, clear red is a very vibrant shade and will wake up any room. For this reason, it is not advised for use in a bedroom as it is too stimulating. Having said that, just adding a little of other shades to tweak the pure colour can give a very different mood; softening it to a rose can make it perfect for more restful spaces, whereas sharpening it to flame by the addition of a yellow element can make it very bright but much less challenging. There are reds for every room – find yours here.


The burgundy family of colours are very rich and look fabulous in any room, but perhaps they are most at home in studies and formal lounges. They give a depth of colour to any décor and whether they are set in a pale room to supply a single accent note or are part of a leather and firelight ambience, they will do their job wonderfully. Burgundy shades blend very well with other colours, most notably browns and greens; think the deep red of an old fashioned rose, twining with its leaves and stems against an old terracotta wall and you have just the look; stylish and traditional, warm and welcoming.

Not just wine!

Of course, burgundy shades are named for the wine and there are many different colours in the spectrum. From the lightest nouveau vintages to the oak-aged wines in dusty bottles, all of these are reflected in the rugs on offer here. Burgundy as an accent in a traditional rug is a very common addition and it brings depth and style to any design. Easier to match than a simple red, burgundy rugs will be at home in the bedroom too, as they are not challenging shades, but something that will warm a room without making it too stimulating. Because some burgundies can shade into purple, they can also be used in relatively ‘young’ settings – they are certainly not just for the ‘gentleman’s club’ look!

Red and Burgundy

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Red and Burgundy
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