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The cost of handmade shaggy rugs has dropped over the last few years, they are now priced very close to machine made rugs, mainly because of the rise of table tufting. This is a process which is faster than standard hand tufting because sewing machines have been adapted to take multiple yarns which greatly reduces the cost of production. An added bonus is the use thick and thin yarns will create an attractive chunky and fine texture combination. The table tufted rug is finished with a jute backing and bound as conventional hand tufted rugs. While some rugs are still produced using standard hand tufting techniques, the majority of plain shaggy rugs are now handmade using the table top method. Click the video to see just how these rugs are produced.

  • Summertime Stylish Elegance in Luxurious Silver Grey Mix

    Summertime Stylish...

    Hand tufted by Chinese artisan and fabricated using a fusion of fibre and hue textures to accentuate this rug’s surface with a lively and radiant allure. Just step onto the the super soft polyester in heavy and slender composition makes for a wealth of underfoot comfort. Santa Cruz available for p…
    £66.65 £38.87
    Take and Extra 10% off this rug
  • Ivory Cream Summertime Luxurious Ultra Deep Pile

    Ivory Cream Summertime...

    This rug is handcrafted by Chinese tufters who fashion the surface in a variation of fibre and coloration textures to give a look that’s lively and brilliant. When stepping onto the comfy polyester that uses thicker and finer yarn composition you’ll not mistake the plethora of underfoot coziness…
    £66.65 £38.87
    Take and Extra 10% off this rug
  • Summertime Opulent Soft Shag Texture in Beige Mix

    Summertime Opulent Soft...

    Hand tufted by Chinese craftsmen and styled in a mix of fibre and colour textures to give the rug surface a lively and vibrant appeal. The soft polyester pile in thick and thin shag textures creates a wealth of underfoot comfort. Santa Cruz available in a range of sizes and coloured in beige and cre…
    £66.65 £38.87
    Take and Extra 10% off this rug


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