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Shaggy rugs | Luxury for the Living Room comfort for the Bedroom

Interior designers love to incorporate texture and colour to floors and what better way than adding shaggy rugs? Long shag pile textures fit the bill ideally, because they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye without being too overboard on design. The most popular styles are often plain, but also combine duo viscosity of yarns or carved features to accentuate the plush surface. You can find inexpensive shaggy rugs and luxury wool rugs in our collections

We tend to see shaggy rugs as a fairly recent development because we associate their luxurious fleecy deep piles, zany loud colours and outlandish retro designs produced back in the swinging sixties and seventies. In fact the original shag rugs were Rya Rugs developed in Scandinavia long before Ikea were even dreamt of. Viking traders introduced rug weaving from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires to Scandinavia over 1000 years ago. The first long pile Rya / Shaggy Rugs were produced in Norway 15th century and were plain in design, although the method of weaving was based upon the Persian hand-knotting technique they were made as warm fluffy bed covers. Over the centuries the Rya rug colours and design became more intricate and were used by noblemen as floor-covering and by commoners in weddings as prayer mats.

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