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We tend to see shaggy rugs as a fairly recent development because we associate their luxurious deep piles, zany loud colours and outlandish fluffy retro designs produced back in the swinging sixties and seventies. In fact the original shag rugs were Rya Rugs developed in Scandinavia long before Ikea were even dreamt of. Viking traders introduced rug weaving from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires to Scandinavia over 1000 years ago. The first long pile Rya Rugs were produced in Norway 15th century and were plain in design, although the method of weaving was based upon the Persian hand knotting technique they were made as warm fluffy bed covers. Over the centuries the Rya rug developed more intricate in design and were used by noblemen as floor covering and by commoners in weddings as prayer mats.

In the mid 20th century Scandinavian carpet manufactures produced expensive long pile Rya shaggy rugs in innovative designs, the sixties simply saw the rebirth of a worldwide fashion statement for your floor, the modern textured pile shaggy rugs we know and love today.

In 21st century Europe developments in Wilton weaving techniques and new yarn developments allow longer pile quantities to be produced even faster, while more efficient container shipments from China, India and the Far East mean that a hand made shag rugs can transported cheaper. The benefit is the consumer can now enjoy the comfort and sophistication of a new deep pile luxury texture plush shaggy rugs at a lower prices without shopping on Ebay.

In the Orient and India hand carpet weavers and tufters are producing more interesting designs by using a combination of yarns that create extra special shaggy rugs with more interesting and innovative textures. Combining chunky deep piles with thick soft fluffy materials, thick and thin yarns to make a silky shiny sheen that make the long pile shaggy rugs surface pile glisten giving a vibrant elegant look. The combinations available to maker of a handmade rug are endless which is why longer pile large shag rugs are still the UK's favorite choice for the lounge, dining room, bedroom and even the hallway.  

New techniques in manufacturing bring prices tumbling

A new development has brought the price of handmade shaggy rugs tumbling down in recent years. Once upon a time the typical shag rug was produced using either a small hand operated tufting gun or by hand hooking or hand weaving the long fibre stands into a base cloth. Today the vast majority of handmade shaggy rugs are produced using a table tufter.

A table tufter is basically a heavy duty sewing machine with bank of between four and twelve needles through which up to 24 stands of yarn can be threaded (often two per needle). The backing or base cloth is fed through the threaded bank of needles to produce the pile surface of the rug. It is fairly common for the manufacturer to us a combination of thick dull coloured yarn and a thin glossy yarn through the same needle to give a pleasing vibrant textured finish.

Because the speed of production is dramatically increased it brings down the overall price of the finished rug. The secondary backing and general finishing of the rug is still completed using the traditional method of laying the rug face down and spread on a latex adhesive to the rug backing then applying the secondary jute back and folding and gluing the base cloth to create a neat edge.

The textures and pile density of the table tufted rugs is impressive to say the least. Some have a really good underfoot feel, whereas others offer long staggery piles that float majestically to the floor.

What about Machine made shaggy rugs?

Because of the price drops in the handmade rug sector we have seen a big decline in the heavier quality machine made counterparts. Over the past few years manufacturers have invested a lot of money in Wilton looms to produce shaggy rugs. They need to keep these looms operational to recoup their investment. The knock-on effect is they are producing new ranges at more competitive prices, albeit in the lower to medium qualities. The end result is the ranges we have available on the marketplace are as diverse and as competitively priced as they have ever been.

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