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Machine Woven Norsk [stain resistant] Shaggy Rugs

There is vast choice in quality in machine made rugs, they range from lightweight budget pile weights to super heavy decadent soft piles. Machine made shaggy are normally produced on Wilton looms using polypropylene fabric, the advantage of polypropylene is it’s stain resistant, resilient and affordable. The fibre is generally heat set and plied to give a better handle and improved performance but the big bonus with polypropylene is it won't shed like wool fibre.



The Wilton weave is favored over machine tufting in shaggy rug production because it’s more adaptable during manufacture and as a rug a woven Wilton will lie on the floor better than it’s tufted counterparts. On other advantage with making a Shaggy rug on Wilton looms is, modern computerised jaccard's can also produce complex designs a graduated shading effects that can be easily scaled to suit the size of the rug.

A luxurious 5cm deep pile shaggy pile rug is soft to touch yet extremely durable. The two-ply heat set Soft polypropylene gives the rug an elegant chunky texture but will not shed like wool, it is also extremely durable and stain resistant and available in a large range of colours and sizes. Also available in Hall Runners and Round Rugs.

Norsk Shaggy

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