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Terracotta and Orange Rugs

Anyone who has enjoyed a holiday in Italy cannot help but smile when they see the colour terracotta. In Italy and parts of southern France and Spain it is impossible to look at any landscape or cityscape for that matter and not have a view of terracotta roofs soaking up the sun. It is almost a given, then, that terracotta in all shades from deep burnt umber to almost pink, goes well with practically every other colour. To get the best out of your terracotta rug and make sure it brings the heat and warmth of Tuscany or the Balearics to your home, team it with the magenta and green of bougainvillea or the lime washed cream of the walls of the regions.

Warm up any room with terracotta

Terracotta seems to carry the sunshine with it and many people when asked to describe it with one word will say ‘orange’ but this is far from the case. Terracotta comes in a multitude of shades from washed out pink to almost brown and has every colour in-between – yes, including orange! Terracotta is one of those fortunate colours that keeps its identity even when cut with white to make it paler and so you can choose ascending vibrancy and depth of colour within the palette and know that they will all blend happily together. Rather like those tumbled tiled roofs and walls you have seen on holiday, one terracotta will never clash with its neighbour.

Terracottas and Oranges

  • Art Stripe Graduated Hues of Terracotta and Purples 120 x 180cm

    £199.99 £99.99

  • Frequency Stream in Tones of  Rust, Beige and Brown

    £49.99 £39.99

  • Terracotta Mix Stylishly Long Pile Superior Shaggy Rug

    £89.99 £59.99

  • Art Stripe in Warm Blend of Terracotta and Burgundy 150cm x 240cm

    £299.99 £199.99

  • Art Stripe Circular Duo Tone in Terracotta and Burgundy

    £79.99 £69.99

  • Oval Art Stripe Shaped in Terracotta, Gold and Wine

    £249.99 £189.99

  • X Large 200 x 290cm Oval Art Stripe in Terracotta and Burgundy

    £349.99 £199.00

  •  160 x 230cm Sensitive Stripes Rugs in Brown, Red, Terracotta and Cream

    £109.99 £84.99

  • 80 x 150cm Funky Piazza Rugs in Terracotta, Orange, Browns and Cream

    £59.99 £29.99

  • Ostentatious Lavish Texture in an Earthy Terracotta Colour


  • Hermitage Medallion Classic Rug in Dark Terracotta

    £49.99 £39.99

  • Hossein Abad Persian Runners Rug Red, Navy and Terracotta 84cm x 296cm

    £580.00 £348.00

  • Ziegler Allover Design in Black and Rusty Terracotta

    £69.99 £39.99

  • Panelled Folio in Shades of Red and Terracotta


  • Hermitage Medallion Classic Rug in Silver Grey

    £49.99 £39.99

  • Hermitage Medallion Classic Rug in Light Blue

    £49.99 £39.99

  • Traditional Nain Medallion Circular Rug in Terracotta 150cm Diamiter


  • Ziegler Allover Design in Creamy Beige and Rusty Terracotta

    £69.99 £39.99



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