Ziegler Wilton Traditional Rugs

Ziegler Wilton Traditional

In the late 19th Century the Manchester based company Ziegler and Co took the innovative step to westernise Persian rug designs and colours to appeal to the growing colour conscious markets in Europe and America. Today Ziegler rug designs are still a dominant force in the hand knotted Persian / Oriental rug market because their stippled muted shades and subtle design elements are tailored to suit to western homes. However, the high price tag of a wool hand knotted Ziegler rug has meant it is out of reach for the average consumer.

With modern yarn and weaving technology it is now possible to reproduce the unique look of a Ziegler rug without the prohibitive price tag. The Wilton Ziegler rug is a machine woven rug that uses a delustered, textured, heat set polypropylene yarn that looks and handles like its wool counterparts (Just type “Persian Ziegler Rugs” into Google to compare). Not only is the rug exceptionally attractive it is suitable for heavy domestic use and is extremely stain resistant.

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