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Traditional Rugs

Nothing comes close to the style and beauty

Traditional designed rugs are available in a vast range of qualities, from budget machine woven rugs to unique vegetable dyed, hand knotted carpets that take months to compete. Classic designs origins date back centuries and are based on Persian, Turkish and Oriental patterns. Please feel free to view our collections of classical designs, most are available in medium sizes from 120cm x 170cm to extra large sizes of 200cm x 290cm and you may even find a few available in XX large 240cm x 330cm sizes.

What are traditional Rugs?

You could say that a traditional carpet takes it's design characteristics from ancient hand knotted Persian and Turkish designs. There are literally hundreds of design styles, which may look similar, but have all of their own little idiosyncrasies some of the more popular designs include: Afshar, Agra, Ardebil, Bakhtiar, Beluch, Bidjar, Bokhara, Gabbeh, Ghashghai, Ghiordes, Hamadan, Hereke, Heriz, Jerevan, Isfahan, Lori, Kayseri, Kerman, Keshan, Koliai, Mashad, Mekri, Nahavand, Nain, Oushak, Senneh, Shiraz, Tabriz, Yahyali and Ziegler. Many of these names are taken from the town or village where the design originated while others are produced by Nomadic tribesman and take their name from the tribe. Today's machine made carpets take many of the pattern concepts of these rugs and reproduce them in a vast aray of colours and textures. A modern traditional beige rug is most likely to be made using a heat set polypropylene which as the soft touch of a wool but with far greater durability and stain resistance. Please feel free to browse our collections to find the perfect choice for your home.

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