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Take Extra 10% OFF all rugs

  Wool Rugs

Admirable Pure New Wool Rugs

When buying a new wool rug you can’t help but admire the style and sophistication it will bring to your home. Whether it’s an ultra modern contemporary pattern or and ageless traditional design there is always an air of quality that the subdued natural tones that a woollen pile will bring to a room.

Because high grade natural fibre such as New Zealand wool isn’t cheap it’s expected to pay a little more to achieve that classic soft touch. The large majority of wool rugs available for sale in the UK are hand woven or hand tufted which means you usually get a nice heavy chunky hand full. Most are handmade, produced by Indian or Chinese artisans, there are also many fine examples of hand-knotted Persian, Turkish and Nomadic Tribal carpets available to in buy our online shop.

Why choose wool rugs?

Wool is durable and has superb appearance retention, it’s also has a natural resistance to soiling and light stains. If you use a wood burning stove or have an open fire a wool rug is a must as it simply singes rather than burns when hot wood fragments spit onto the pile surface. Wool has fantastic dyeability it absorbs colours well and has a natural dullish lustre that is fairly difficult to replicate in synthetic fabrics. All in all it is the perfect fabric that we’ve been using to adorn our homes for centuries, but it does have some down sides too.

Because wool is cut from a sheep’s back it needs to be spun into long yarn to facilitate manufacturing. However this process also is the reason why wool rugs shed when new. The shorter staple lengths of yarn will detach from the main body causing fluff. For this reason it's not the best choice for longer piles such as shaggies. It’s virtually perfect for short piles, but avoid long shaggy piles unless you want to endlessly fill the vacuum cleaner with fluff.

Please browse our rug collections, whether your desire wool or synthetic fibre, a designer option in abstract, geometric, motif, chevron or stripe there is a myriad of colour combinations to tempt, or maybe it’s a soft tonal or plain colour with exquisite carving that will add texture to your floor. Browse the many examples in our categories that range in sizes and shapes, patterned or self coloured, long pile or short pile. You’ll find some great discount offers on thick handmade rugs too!

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