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When you are looking for a design with a certain level of sophistication and panache you really can’t beat the look of wool. Because it doesn’t shine like manmade fibres it tends to absorb, rather than reflect the surrounding decor giving a room a feeling of quality. When handmade rugs are produced the pile is usually bulky and more luxurious than the machine made counterparts. the thicker pile gave the makers more scope to accentuate the elements of the design, the artisans will often do this by carving between colours that give the design an added dimension.

With machine made broadloom carpet we are familiar with the term 80% wool and 20% nylon, this is a blend of wool and nylon spun together to give extra durability. When we refer to a wool blend handmade rug it more often means that the fibre isn’t spun together as wool and synthetic yarn. It usually means some of the design elements are produced in a synthetic yarn, usually viscose, rayon or polyester to give the duller wool tones extra vibrancy. In some cases the brighter synthetic fibre can be randomly tufted into the rug giving the pile surface a salt and pepper (dull and bright) texture. Wool blend rugs have excellent wearability and can give a mundane pattern sharp crisp lines with vibrant tones.

Modern Wool Blends

  • Petite Piazza Hand Tufted in Mauve and Greens

    £79.99 £35.99

  • Art Stripe Graduated Hues of Terracotta and Purples 120 x 180cm

    £199.99 £99.99

  • 80 x 150cm Wool Rug Piazza in Greys and Black

    £89.99 £44.99

  • Influx in Simple Stripes of Multi Colours

    £89.99 £74.99

  • Summer Stripe in Blues, beiges and Creams

    £99.99 £69.99

  • 120 x 170cm Summer Stripe in Reds and Creams

    £99.99 £69.99

  • Summer Stripe in Purple, Aubergine and Pink 120 x 170cm

    £99.99 £69.99

  • Summer Stripe in Beiges, Creams and Brown

    £99.99 £69.99

  • Art Stripe in Warm Blend of Terracotta and Burgundy 150cm x 240cm

    £299.99 £199.99

  • Art Stripe Round Tonal Stripes of Beige and Creams

    £75.99 £69.99

  • Art Stripe Circular Duo Tone in Terracotta and Burgundy

    £79.99 £69.99

  • Art Stripe Circular Tonal Striped in Browns and Beiges

    £259.99 £179.99

  • Oval Art Stripe in Tempestuous Tones of Purple and Mulberry

    £180.00 £119.99

  • Oval Art Stripe in Sporadic Browns and Beiges

    £180.00 £119.99

  • Oval Art Stripe in Toned Bands of Reds and Scarlet

    £159.99 £119.99

  • Oval Art Stripe Shaped in Terracotta, Gold and Wine

    £249.99 £189.99

  • Art Stripe in wool and Viscose Varying Tints of Beige and Creams

    £159.99 £99.99

  • 180cm x 120cm Art Stripe in Wool and Viscose a Chromatic Blend Browns and Beiges

    £199.99 £119.99



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